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Many of those who entered PoWH3D were victims of real scams like Bitconnect or Davorcoin (JUST'D). The developers of PoWH3D made sure that this was not possible with PoWH3D and offered those a way to recuperate (UNJUST) their losses. Proof of Weak Hands 3D is a new project in which the crypto community will test out this new concept of: proof of weak hands.
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(lead dev, project lead)

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(design / meme dev)

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Aritz Cracker

Decentralized dev (4D)

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Founder & Decentralized dev (4D)

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(interface / duck lead)

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Web dev & Mathematician

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This game is intended for entertainment purposes only. Do not use any ETH you do not want to or cannot afford to lose. There is zero guarantees that you will make ETH playing this game. And more importantly, zero guarantees that you won't lose any ETH you play with. Play at your own risk!
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