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This is a quick overview of how to win (or lose) the Proof of Weak Hands (PoWH3D). Best to read this guide if you are confused or new to the project. If you are brand new, start with the Homepage first and read the Getting started page, then come back here when you are ready to truly understand the game.

The Mantsofesto
First, let's start with an understanding of this community and the vision of the developers. From the lead developer of P3D @mantso:
All of you are pioneers in a completely new, disruptive economic field that will undoubtedly come to flourish. This community is the breeding ground, the nurturing womb for the first, true decentralized society and economy. Most of the crypto sector is nothing but unsubstantiated hype, a melting pot of impractical ideas fueled by psychologically manipulative marketing, greed, and deceit. Like it or not, this is the reality of not just crypto but the majority of capitalism as a whole. P3D is the complete opposite of all of that. We offer a complete product right from the bat with utter honesty & transparency. And THAT is the standard for all our releases. No lies. No hype. No waiting. No bullshit. We will disrupt the entire decentralized software & economy sector with what we have in store. Mark my words.
mantso (lead dev, project lead)

Winning Proof of Weak Hands

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  • The PoWH Game
    The PoWH3D game revolves around the P3D token which is a very unique token on the Ethereum blockchain. To understand the mechanics of this game, start by reading why you might want to participate, learning the rules and understanding the exchange.

    This game is called "Proof of Weak Hands" for a reason; the game is much bigger than just understanding the mechanics of this token or exchange. In short, this is game is a trial -- a battle of wills -- a test of the player's long-term thinking, resolve, and patience. Those that understand this game, can find glory here. Those that misunderstand the game or fall prey to being impatient can often find themselves confused and filled with regret. Please remember the following at all times:

    • This isn't going to go the way you think. Whatever expectations you had when you found this project, you can safely discard them. This project is not what it seems, be prepared to be surprised, confused and entertained. First and foremost, this is a game and the goal of the community should be to have fun and enjoy the ride.
    • Everything is a part of the game. The panic selling, the misinformation, the FUD, the FOMO, the hype cycles, the competitors, the uncertainty, the crashes, the surges. This is all part of the simulation. Remember that P3D is a perfect simulation/game of the cryptocurrency sector at large. Everything you see here, has been seen in Bitcoin or Ethereum themselves at one point or another. Please buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride.
    • Both large price rises and huge sell-offs are awesome and important. This is a game of extreme ups and downs and of extreme price volatility. Price volatility and volume over time is the single best measure of the health of this game. Both periods of buying (spikes) and periods of selling (crashes) are essential. As the price rises, your overall holdings are worth more ETH and you receive ETH rewards. As the price crashes, you can re-invest and purchase more tokens to increase your rank position for the next run-up.
    • Focus on the rewards. The only proper way to play P3D is to simply pretend your tokens don't exist. Ignore your token amount, ignore the ETH / USDT, ignore that all and live on dividends, breathe dividends. Play like there are no tokens, only dividends.
    • Understand compound rewards. Compound interest is what happens when you are able to accumulate more and more of something over time based on your existing holdings. In this case, re-investing into more P3D tokens with your rewards. Please remember no compound interest calculator is exactly accurate for P3D but play around with a compound interest calculator and try to understand the full magnitude of this. You'll know you are on the right path when you are shocked by the amounts and think you've done the math wrong.
  • Analyzing the Game
    This game is called P3D because of the three all-important dimensions: Price, Volume and Time.
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    Don't underestimate the critical dimensions of transaction volume over time -- think in months, not days. Most users generally see rewards ranging between 0.25-2% every day as explained in FAQ. Remember to analyze the right things when evaluating the project:

    • Trading volume (as shown in that chart) is the number of transactions on the exchange and this governs the rewards generated each day. Your dividends are determined by the number of P3D tokens you hold in relation to the total supply of tokens and as a result, the more tokens you accumulate the larger is your share of the rewards.
    • Token value in ETH which is determined by buys and sells which very incrementally raise or lower the buy and sell price of the token. Your overall holdings are determined by the number of P3D tokens you hold multiplied by the sell token price.
    • Time. Remember that rewards are generated here for as long as there is volume and volatility until the Ethereum network disappears. Don't think of the dividends you get on a single day or a single crash. Think instead of the dividends generated over months or years as buys and sells continue. Many projects we are going to release are designed to create volatility for a very long time to come.

    Note that the total ETH in the contract alone is not a good indicator of anything. Always use the three indicators above to understand the game better.
  • Strategies
    The following is a collection of possible strategies in this game, in no particular order:

    • The Re-investor. This strategy is one of accumulation of tokens. The re-investor always reinvests their rewards without exception (except small amounts for Gas). They reinvest frequently -- typically every time either once a day or whenever they have enough for at least 1 P3D token.
    • The Hedger. This strategy is one of hedging your bets. The hedger always reinvests half of their rewards, and keeps the other half outside of P3D. Usually once or twice a day, they withdraw their earnings and then take 50% of that Ethereum to purchase new tokens. Then other 50% they store back safely in a wallet.
    • The Earner. This strategy is one of passive income. The earner buys a chunk of tokens and purchases additional tokens in small amounts each week. However, they tend to withdraw almost all of their rewards rather than re-investing. In this way, P3D becomes a way to get additional free spending money each week.
    • The Evangelist. The best way to improve your earnings is to spread awareness of this game to others far and wide. The evangelist embraces this by sharing P3D with people through a variety of social media and of course encourages people to buy with their masternode.
    • Weekend Warrior. (By @Kraken) As the crypto market can often be slower over the weekend, the Weekend Warrior accumulates more tokens by re-investing over this period to build their capital. The warrior then withdraws rewards during the week days to feed their Orange-mocha Frappuccino addiction.
    • The Manatee. (By @LeoNemo) This strategy is one of strategic reinvestment with the goal of purchasing additional tokens only when the price is comparatively cheap. Like the slow-moving creature this is named after, the Manatee allows their dividends to safely accumulate for a long time until the price hits a stable floor and they get the best bang for their buck.

    P3D allows you to decide which strategy to use, or you can try a mix of them all. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • The art of losing
    If you are interested in LOSING the game, please make sure to do the following:

    • Losers sell right away when the token value drops. As you monitor the token price dropping during sell-offs, be sure to sell your tokens in a frenzy so you lose money and stop receiving dividends.
    • Losers never reinvest their rewards. Compound interest and accumulating tokens is a sure fire way to profit. So if you want to lose, never ever re-invest to ensure your token holdings don't increase.
    • Losers are very reactive to FUD and panic. Check all the messages of people who are negative and critical and don't do any critical thinking to evaluate their claims. Just read negative things and then sell based on your gut. Never check the facts.
    • Losers put in more than they feel comfortable with. Being responsible and only putting discretionary funds that you are comfortable losing into the game ensure that you can sleep easy and play for entertainment. If you want to lose, put in more money than you should so you panic more at every sell-off.
    • Losers don't study market cycles or look at history. If you look too deep into cryptocurrency markets, you'll know that there are many price surges upward and these are often followed by corrections or crashes where previous prices are tested for support. If you want to lose, never do your research and learn about any of this.

    Please be sure to do these only if you want to lose the game. If you want to succeed, do exactly the opposite of these five points above.
  • The Journey ahead
    The P3D development team has a long-term vision for this that spans much farther than any one project. There are at least 4 upcoming projects planned and each is distinct and complementary to one another. These projects form a brand new ecosystem explained in the Mantsofesto above. One additional quote from Mantso to expand on this is:
    Our work is not just disruptive in terms of decentralized application development but to economics as a whole. Everything you hate about Bitcoin and other super inflated assets? Everything you hate about volatile currencies? We've fixed it all.
    The best part is that each of the projects in the ecosystem will reward strong holders and users of the others. There is no need to sell P3D tokens ahead of the launch of future releases. Instead, having strong hands will only benefit you as the ecosystem develops. The developers don't ask for nor want your faith or belief, only that you have fun, think critically and keep an open mind. Always use a team's past track record and available data to form your own decisions, we think those speak for themselves.

    When you are ready, buy some (more) tokens, re-invest and/or withdraw your rewards but be sure to buckle up. If you have more questions, please check the FAQ or jump into the official PoWH3D discord chat and use the #helpdesk. The discord group is a colourful band of people that love memes, enjoy having fun, and openly speak their minds on any given topic. We hope to see you on there!
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This strategy guide was written by @Cryptoknight.
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