Getting started with PoWH3D on Mobile

Getting started on Mobile

To use POWH3D, you'll need to follow a few simple steps:

Are you on desktop?
Please visit "POWH3D Desktop Getting Started”.

Buying P3D Tokens - Step by Step

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  • Purchase Ethereum
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    First, you need to use an exchange to purchase Ethereum:

    • Go to Coinbase and signup for an account
    • Setup a funding source such as your bank account
    • Transfer your local fiat (i.e. USD) to Coinbase
    • Wait until your money arrived in your Coinbase account. (approx. 2 to 3 days)
    • Purchase Ethereum (ETH) by exchanging your local fiat for Ethereum
  • Install TrustWallet
    You will need to install TrustWallet, the popular Ethereum mobile wallet. Note that this is a separate popular project and is not directly affiliated with P3D in any way. Understand that you are not giving P3D developers any private information about you, all private info is stored on your phone only.

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    • Launch the TrustWallet app and select "Create Wallet"
    • PoWH is listed as an official token in the TrustWallet marketplace under "Games"
    • You can send, receive and buy P3D with ease

    Can you trust TrustWallet?
    Yes, check out their release post here. Their codebase is open source and audited by a community of security experts.
  • Exchange Ethereum for P3D Tokens
    With TrustWallet installed, you can find the mobile PoWH3D site listed under "Games", or visit the official mobile PoWH exchange and receive P3D tokens by exchanging Ethereum for them using this simple interface.
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    You purchase tokens by entering an amount of Ethereum into the text box and hitting "Purchase". When you hit purchase, a dialog will come up. Be sure to set Gas Price (GWEI) to 2 or more, and then hit "Submit". Be wary because setting GWEI too low will cause the transaction to take a very long time to complete.

    Once you receive P3D tokens, they are automatically stored for you on the official exchange or can be transferred to any wallet supporting Ethereum tokens.
  • Add Tokens to Trustwallet
    In order to be able to view your P3D tokens in TrustWallet, follow these steps:

    • Open the "Wallet" tab in the TrustWallet app
    • Tap the “+” button to add a token
    • Select "PoWH3D (P3D)" option in the list
    • Confirm "0xB3775fB83F7D12A36E0475aBdD1FCA35c091efBe" as the Token Contract Address
    • Confirm "P3D" for Token Symbol and enter "18" for the Decimals of Precision
    • Tap on "Add"
    • Now you should be able to see PoWH3D in your tokens list
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This game is intended for entertainment purposes only. Do not use any ETH you do not want to or cannot afford to lose. There is zero guarantees that you will make ETH playing this game. And more importantly, zero guarantees that you won't lose any ETH you play with. Play at your own risk!
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