Dezentralized exchanges

Dezentralized exchanges

The core functionality of the PoWH3D exchange is entirely powered only by a deployed open-source Ethereum smart contract. Smart contracts are immutable and this means there is no one who has access to these funds but this autonomous program. You can see the full source code for the contract managing this exchange at any time.
This exchange is being developed by a distributed collection of admins and software engineers with a wide range of apps and services available for this ecosystem (charts, store, alternate UIs). You can be sure that this is just the beginning and there is a lot in store for PoWH3D!

Understanding this exchange

Smart contracts require a transaction to be sent for every action taken. This means that every action you take on the exchange requires a transaction to be sent through by the user on the Ethereum network. All actions including "Reinvest", "Withdraw", "Sell" and "Transfer" require a "0" ETH transaction to be sent (with GAS which costs Ether).

The PoWH3D smart contract manages all the funds for this exchange. However, accessing secure smart contract data can be a bit slow at times under high load which is why the main exchange front-end site often may feel sluggish. You can always use the backup site to perform all the same functionality. You can also interact directly with the contract.
When you are buying or selling on the exchange, you are buying or selling directly from the PoWH3D smart contract, not other users. The PoWH3D smart contract is solely responsible for issuing tokens and increasing supply as well as burning tokens and reducing supply. This happens automatically on all buys and sells to the exchange. In addition, the smart contract is solely responsible for determining the value of the P3D token as well.

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As mantso (lead dev, project lead) explained concisely:
The nice thing about this system is that it inherently doesn't depend on anyone's emotions or input. It is only fueled by it. Emotions fuel the system, but no matter how much fuel, you can always get ETH back for your tokens. In that sense, you are always guaranteed ETH. No waiting for buy or sell orders. No true bag holders. You can sell at any moment.
This game is intended for entertainment purposes only. Do not use any ETH you do not want to or cannot afford to lose. There is zero guarantees that you will make ETH playing this game. And more importantly, zero guarantees that you won't lose any ETH you play with. Play at your own risk!
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